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Indian culture is spiritually advanced. In Indian thought, spiritual knowledge holds primacy. People in India, have attained self-realisation through the path of devotion, through knowledge or the path of service to mankind.

Man is a combination of a physical body, the mind and the ever conscious self which is spiritually present.

Spirituality takes into account, transcendence of the veils of ignorance into the light of the spiritual life or wisdom. Wisdom establishes a perfect dynamic harmony between the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical self in one’s life. – Bhagavad-Gita

Vedas teach us the immortality of the soul. Belief in God, prayer, meditation and other activity sanctified by practice by generations are for the human spirit.

“more things can be brought by prayer than this world dreams of.” - Bhaskaradasan

Vedas are eternal. Vedas have been handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. Vedas have highest authority. Veda means Vid(to know) or knowledge of God, Life, Deities, Nature, Dharma(the quality of virtue, ethical sense) and the Absolute.

Vedas, divided into three parts. The first part of the Vedas, the samhita, deals with rituals(sacrifice); the second part deals with worship(upasana); the third part deals with the knowledge of the Supreme(Jnana), and constitutes the Upanishads. The philosophical portions of Vedas; Upanishads means sitting down or near a guru to receive spiritual instruction.

Rig Veda is full of hymns(Sthotras). The Vedas hymns embody the highest and loftiest human aspirations. The Vedas were preserved through the oral tradition. Vedas follow reference to human life, man's progress and perfection.

The Bhagavad-Gita and the Upanishads contain the highest of wisdom. The Upanishads declare that strength and courage are essential for spiritual realisation. The best means of spiritual realisation, is chanting the holy name of God.

Vedic knowledge includes not only the science, but also the music(singing, sound and hymns). OM is the essence of Vedas.

A mantra is a sound that creates a specific energy in the mind. Mantras help us to purify the mind. Sound in Ether(space) is Lord. Sound unites Man with the God. The sound vibration creates a change in the energy formations in one’s consciousness.

Every state of consciousness is nothing but an expression of Truth itself. Control of the mind to attain balance, dispassion and mental calmness is the pre-condition for the earnest seeker of the Truth. – Bhagavad-Gita

Truth is the greatest dharma(the quality of virtue), in the world and it alone sustains the Sun, Moon and everything in the universe.

Every sacred mantra has in itself the potency of the spirit. Every mantra has an element either of air, sky(Ether), water, earth or fire.

Chanting any Mantra if practised with concentration for a period of 48 days will show its effect by giving the person certain confidence. The object will be surely achieved if the Mantras are recited with full concentration, devotion, sincerity and faith.

One could not believe in God until one believed in oneself. – Swami Vivekananda

Lord Ganesha: Lord Ganesha removes all obstacles. Ganesha worship can relieve all forms of troubles and can confer wealth and knowledge.

The worship of Vigneswara, the son of Rudra(Lord Shiva) and the deity for the cause and removal of all impediments(hindrances). The divine grace of Lord MahaGanapati Homam(worship of sacred fire) is performed for the success of any sacrifice(or function).

Where women are honoured, there the gods are pleased. Where the women are not respected, there the rituals performed do not give rise to their results. – Manu Smriti

Lord Subrahmanyam: Reciting of ‘Subramania Bhujangastava stotram’ of Adi Sankaracharya helps in curing incurable diseases. This gives education, courage, relief from debts and Ultimate Knowledge can be achieved. Any diseases of the body and mind are all cured by the sacred ashes(Vibhuthi) of Lord Subrahmanya.

Gayatri(mantra, deity) devi: Gayatri mantra is said to protect one who recites regularly and cannot be harmed by any spirits. In fact it is said creation itself was possible only the creator Brahma recited the Gayatri mantra.

The Gayatri mantra, which is chanted by the duly qualified Brahmins, is the most prominent. The Gayatri mantra is very important in Vedic civilization and is considered to be the sound incarnation of Brahman.

In Hinduism every child when he starts his education, begins with the sacred word OM, which is Brahman. OM is the essence of the Vedas.

Gayatri mantra is addressed to the Sun, the head of the solar system. It enables one to develop intellect, and strengthening intuitive power. It gives faith and confidence, vitality and mental peace.

Gita, Ganga, Govinda and Gayatri; these four G’s give salvation for ever.

The chants of Mantrapushpam are verses from the Upanishads that repeatedly assert the presence of divinity in the flowers, earth, water, fire, air, sky, Sun, Moon and the stars.

Brahma: Brahma(Vedas) is the original creature born out of energy of the Lord Vishnu, who is known as Hiranyagarba. The scriptures say, that Brahma emerged from the lotus flower originated from the navel of Lord Vishnu, four Vedas and also puranas emanated from his four faces.

The Vedas show the path to attain both material and spiritual benefits.

Brahma punishes a man with the lotus or water-lily, a white flower is attracted with the Moon, wealth(Lakshmi, goddess of wealth), worshipful woman, red lotus, water, copper, ring worm and medicine.

From Narayana, Brahma(Vedas) is born. Brahma taught the entire Veda-s simultaneous with His creation of man. Being a manifestation of the Lord. He creates all life forms in the universe and rules the mode of passion.

The Vedas say: what a person thinks, he will speak and what he speaks, he will do. No problem will remain unsolved, when the heart that created it by offending others changes.

Saraswati Devi: Goddess Saraswati, lives on our tongues. Mentally bow down to Saraswati, the Goddess of learning and recite Saraswati dwadasanama stotram. For improving command over language, skill in music, Goddess Saraswati may be propitiated.

"Good pronunciation, command of language, skill and learning are for the delectation of the mind, and not for obtaining liberation!" - Adi Shankaracharya

Telugu being a living language, Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages. Sanskrit is a perfect language and is therefore very glorious.

Maha Saraswati, the white goddess in Sattva(serene knowledge) - "she is effulgent(brilliant) like the moon shining at the fringe of a cloud."

Lakshmi Devi(goddess for wealth): Sri Mahalakshmi(Kameswari, Parasakti), coral-complexioned in Rajas(passionate action, 'rajo-guna' the ego). Mahalakshmi Ashtakam creates a feeling of confidence and prosperity and well-being. Reciting Kanakadhara Sthotram of Adi Sankaracharya, Lakshmi stotram and Sri suktham is said to have the power to give wealth of any kind - physical, psychological and spiritual.

The Goddess Lakshmi rising from the milky ocean of discrimination; remains stable in flowers and fruits, in rains and food grains.

Sri Maha Lakshmi, when put on in different places of one's person (body) in the form of gold, from feet to face, would confer several beneficial effects. But when a person keeps her on his head(by loss of his virtue with the sin of abducting his consort), she would leave him.

Goddess Lakshmi's natural inclination is to be with Narayana(Lord Vishnu), the formless and also having a form. So, in a way, your wealth wants to be with Narayana. Therefore, we should use our wealth for His service.

Mother Nature knows what she's doing. Trust her. She shares everything with everyone. Imitate her wisdom in your human nature.

Durga Devi: Uma is worshiped even today as Durga because it was she who gave the light of Knowledge to creation for the first time or else, the world would have remained in ignorance.

One should treat woman as the embodiment of motherhood. Real worship of Devi lies in looking upon woman as daughter, sister and mother.

O Mother divine - bless us with devotion, knowledge and dispassion. Bless us with strength and power to serve you, heart and soul throughout our life. - Gita makarandam

Goddess Durga was enraged when demons killed innocent, helpless people.

The Divine Mother is permanent and all pervasive in nature, without a beginning or end. Whenever the celestial deities pray to her in times of distress, she gets manifested in the world to protect them.

Goddess Durga, defends us against all evil-ones. Parvathi or Gouri is regarded as the Goddess of conjugal bliss and therefore her worship is important. Parvathi is said to have performed intense penance to attain Lord Shiva. Parvathi confers purity in heart.

Recitation of Lalitha sahasranamam or Durga suktam with devotion removes problems and worries, ensures peace, and blesses one with prosperity. Reciting daily certain slokas from Soundarya Lahari is very good for sowbhagya(marital happiness).

Durga shaptshati path is very useful for strengthening mangalya bhagyam and conjugal bliss.

In the Durga-saptasati it is said that all women are the Divine Mother's forms. Whenever you are tempted by the sight of a woman or think of a female with desire, immediately think of the gracious Divine Mother. Feel that it is She who is in the form of all women. Also implore Her now and then from the bottom of your heart to free you from lust. - Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sri Sringeri Sarada Peetam

Recitation and listening to Devi Saptasati, is said to be relieved, totally free from all sins, sufferings and enemies. And blesses with all good health, prosperity and auspicious things.

Devi Kanaka Durga is the goddess of power, riches and benevolence. The deity is regarded as swayambhu(self-manifested) and considered very powerful. Adi Sankaracharya has installed the mystical “Sri Chakra” here. According to Durga Chalisa, those who sing her praises with devotion and love are not touched by sorrow and want.

Durga Suktham who chants gives the wealth of power, strength and self-confidence, removing every fear and even the listener is said to have free of negative thoughts. Listening to it could deliver instant energy and courage.

Annapurna Stotram and Ashtakam awakens tremendous spiritual strength, which would in turn reinforce psychological and physical energies. It enriches our being eternally, feeding our body, mind and soul with the nourishment of health, fearlessness and compassion.

Lord Shiva: Shiva is creator of energy and matter. Brahma provides life to some of that matter. Vishnu provides knowledge.

Siva is well known as the three-eyed One. The Sun, moon and fire constitute these eyes. He has the cresent moon in His crest. This moon stands for knowledge. Siva's wearing it in His matted locks is a pointer to the Lord being endowed with pure knowledge.

Worship Lord Siva pacifies anger and strengthens the mind. Constant recitation of Maha mrutyunjaya Mantra a prayer to ‘Rudra’ (elevation from suffering) can reduce mental stress in an individual that results from chronic and other ailments.

Silence of thoughts is the best form. The best form of shedding the tears of love before the Lord Dakshinamurthi, the teacher. Reticence and silence denotes Dakshinamurthi.

For worship of Lord Shiva greatly sanctity is attached to the Bilva leaf whose three petals are said to be three eyes of Lord Shiva. Pray to Lord Shiva with numerous Bilva leaves and uttering his name increases longevity.

Sri Suktam mentions bilva tree as the tree of Goddess of Lakshmi enumerated in Sri Lakshmi Ashtottaram is "Bilvanilaya".

Lord Shiva resides in the heart and on the forehead of physical body. Application of Vibhuti on the forehead and Rudraksha around the neck are suggested as external symbols of Shiva worship.

An epithet of Lord Siva meaning, "He who has a snake for an ornament". The snake is Lord Shiva's garland and Ganesha's waist band; it forms a canopy(a covering spread over the head) for the Shivalingam with its hood(a covering for the head and neck).

Lord Vishnu: Brahmanda purana says that those who worship Vishnu or Krishna ardently with Tulasi leaves shall attain all prosperity in the world and also receive the benefit of performing an Aswamedha Yagam. Those who offer Tulasi leaves, sandal paste, vermilion(sindhuram) and flowers to the Lord Sri Venkateshwara with devotion shall get purified from all sins.

Lord Krishna is always in blue, while Vishnu wears yellow clothes.

For him, who has studied the Bhagavad-Gita even a little, drunk a drop of Ganga-water, and who has performed the worship Lord Vishnu(to sustain and protect the creation)) at least once, there is no tiff with Yama(the lord of death). – Bhaja Govindam

Lord Krishna was angry when Draupadi, who was none else than Sachi devi was disrobed. Sachi devi was born as 'Droupadi' in the holy fire of yagna(sacrifice) performed by her father.

Bhagavad-Gita 18th chapter-67 sloka and regular chanting of the hymn Vishnu sahasranama, can proceed benefits, on avoiding evil, succeeding in battle and gaining affluence, pleasure, happiness and off spring.

Sing the Gita and the thousand names of the Lord. The singer and the song cannot be separated and so Lord Krishna and the Gita are one, they are inseparably one. - Gita Makarandam

Vishnu stuthi and chanting Vishnu shodashanamani relieve us the fear of existence, rebirth and disease, protecting our body parts and our actions at every moment.

If a person experience great fear, caused by a real snake, then one may pay obeisance to Vasuki, the serpent king in the waters, or pray to Garuda, the natural enemy of snakes and get rid of the fear.

Among birds, HE is Garuda. Garuda is a bird - yet they could attain Divinity by their devotion. Garuda is great devotee of Lord Vishnu, by Him ignorance and passion perishes. - Bhagavad-Gita

The thousand-headed Ananta Shesha serves as Lord Vishnu's bed upon the cosmic waters. A man who hears the names of Lord Vishnu everyday or who recites them everyday, never meets with any evil.

Lord Rama: The illustrious king or Ayodhya, Sri Rama Chandra belonged to the Sun's lineage. Sri Rama removes all difficulties and grants all prosperity. Rama raksha stotram verse 35 and where japa of Lord Sri Rama- writing Ramakoti, there His eternal consort Sita(Soul), the goddess of fortune, and Hanuman resides.

Japa yoga is supreme. Houses where there is always sickness and poverty, relief can be felt.

Surrender to Kodandapani(Lord Sri Rama), to get relief from the pain and fear of Dandapani (Yama, the lord of death). Yama was identified with Dharma or law.

Yama the impartial dispenser of justice for humans, who would be controlling and disciplining the human beings with chastisement.

Lord Hanuman: Hanuman, is known for his strength, valour and courage. Worship Lord Hanuman for strength, wisdom and courage. Lord Hanuman bestows us to have purity in word and speech. Recitation of Hanuman Chalisa spreads radiant grace in the hearts of devotees. Service or Dasya bhava(attitude of service).

Chanting or listening Sundarakanda, creates vibrations that remove every mishap and all evils in life; bestows vitality and fortune.

One gets the wisdom and knowledge of the self, by constantly doing virtues practices; charity and service to others in detached perspective, company of holy men and meditation of the God. – Bhagavad-Gita


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  1. While reading through all the above, several things come out.
    1. The writer has been an ardent listener, student and believer in all that is passed by the elders and learned men. A great attribute. Like Sri Krishna explains in Bhagavadgita - Ananya chintayanthoma ye jana paryapasate, teshaam nityabhi yuktanaam yoga kshemam vahamyaham.
    2. Yes, chanting mantras is important but why?
    3. Today, we see chanting mantras degrading to a point of madness.
    I think the key to this blog is finding an addition that addresses points 2 and 3 above.
    Unquestioning submission vs. Focussed probing. What's the right thing to do?
    Traditionally, I think the female gender adopted unquestioning submission as the path to nirvana or eternal bliss while a larger percentage of male gender has adopted the path of questioning to achieve nirvana. Both have their successes as I see. It shall be interesting to see what your perspective is.

    - Sastry Kuppa

  2. My opinion and experience is chanting mantras or prayers keeps our mind stable, gives patience especially in worries or crisis. And vastly improves our happiness and health.


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  5. To all those who express doubts, criticize the chanting of mantras/stotras, the only answer is, "The proof lies in the pudding".
    In my experience, the below chants have worked in transforming my life.

    1) Aaditya hridayam - by removing ailments, and giving excellent health, which is the first thing needed for all activities one chooses to perform in life.
    2) Vishnu sahasranamam - by boosting my intellect, discrimination and also eradicating problems in life and gave me great peace.
    3) Hanuman chalisa - by giving me great courage and strength in times of troubles.
    4) 32 times of Durga - Again gave me great courage and mental strength.

    These are directly from my experience!

  6. First a phrase for waking up: the SOLE purpose of rebirth is to overcome the karmas of past lives, after which our reason for being on earth is over. The lie we accept is that our life is meant to be enjoyed!
    Knowing the above, take solace in the fact that there is enjoyment in overcoming difficulties, like a great victory over all that has inhibited ourselves!

    Tapasya enables the burning of karma quicker and can compress years of karma into days or months.
    1 year of mantra japa can deal with 40 years of karma! And the REASON the karma binds us in circumstances is because we are impelled to make the same wrong decisions again and again, and cannot see the endless circle of wrong.
    So maybe it is time to empower you with mantra-shakti so that you can begin overcoming this endless circle?

    Wearing gemstones can help with karma, much like strings that hold up a puppet. It is Tantra as it protects the body from making bad decisions, but the person will not understand why without mantra. Further the effects of the gemstone are delayed upto a few months before the gem really begins to give effects. You are wearing correct gemstones. A more sattvic form of tantra is eating certain foods which gives results within 2½ days.
    However, Mantrajapa is the best panacea for all issues as then only is one performing Tapasya.
    Aditya Hriday Strotra,Vishnu Saharshnaam,Lalita Saharshnaam,Hanuman Chalisa,Ram Raksha Strotra all are very powerful, one should keep patience by doing only 30 days, he can realize the power and fact of all the remedies. Wearing Gemstone is nowadays
    multimillionaire business only, but the fact to get the scholar who advise a current gemstone is tough today in this materialistic world. So anyone can go the above remedies and realize the power of all these hymens.

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  8. Jai Sree Ram. We all commit sins knowingly and unknowingly.You can ask for forgiveness by reciting the hanuman chalisa . Reciting the opening verses of the Hanuman Chalisa at night at least 8 times helps to remove the sins you may have committed.

  9. My humble Namaskar to all bhakas of the lord.

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