Sunday, May 17, 2009


Health happens when the body and mind are in perfect balance. People who constantly suffer from high levels of stress are prone to exaggeration. The mind is the factor that causes all distortion in the atmosphere by its several qualities of anger, greed, jealousy, envy, hatred and inertia. When your mind is restless you exaggerate.

Exaggeration has a positive and negative expression, with the range of possibilities is extreme. Exaggeration, can picture a thing or a person greatly or worse. However, sometimes this is good thing for only if you exaggerate small events, you will conjure up the grand ambitions which are necessary for a truly fulfilled life.

An obsessive person likes some degree of public notice or social distinction to be as “center of attention”. It is a constant inward and outward battle for supremacy. Excessive emotions, eternally wandering thoughts and actions always bring only troubles. Exaggeration creates many problems.

Exaggeration is unhealthy way of speech. Exaggeration is used for defense and to offend. When we speak untruths, give an exaggerated picture about what we saw or heard, willfully practice intellectual aggression by distorting truth, either by the speech or action, the mind gets restless.

False illusion hides the truth. Never fall victim to the illusion. Anyone would be cranky once in a while, from being so constantly disillusioned.

Occasionally feeling sad or moody, feeling weary of work or social obligations is normal to everyone. Nobody likes constant with routine.

A man who has gone mad will never believe that he is crazy. He claims that he has forgotten what it was that made him blue and cranky. But he hasn’t really.

These people hate to be proved wrong in front of others. Apologies are painful for these people. They can’t bear to be placed in the humbling posture of explaining their behavior to anyone. Icy detachment is pretense; it is defense against further hurt.

Like minded people hide and pretend to curb their differences, will nearly always try to find a third person, to pin the blame. These people always hurts the naive, an undeserved soul. They accept one another with all imperfections because they reflect them. They seldom speak about another, because it’s like criticizing yourself.

when he/she is inwardly convinced that he has been mistaken, the tendency is to stubbornly stand by what was unwisely said or done, because to admit a mistake is uncomfortably close to being weak.

To shrug of frustration, they have a little trouble forgetting the bad ones. But they don’t forget much and everything is important to them. They resort to pretense. Did you ever notice how people forget things, and then try to pretend that what they forgot wasn’t very important to them.

Forgetting occasionally is normal. Naturally people forget so many things. It is so common forgetting names and dates, the day of the week and details of an event or conversation. It is normal misplacing keys or a wallet temporarily, forgetting why you came into a room or what you planned to say.

Some people have distorted perceptions of Reality, and have inability to recognize reality. They are so secretive and suspicious of family members, friends and others. They say that a little suspicion is a healthy thing, a protection against those who take advantage of them. But suspicion has its negative side too, and can cause you to suffer many groundless fears. Spiritual ignorance or blind fear causes the superstitions. It is ignorance not innocence.

To be perfectly secret, one must be so by nature, not by obligation. - Montaigome

They become restless with unusual and thinking, and have wrong vision in seeing things. They may have sudden mood swings, might become emotional, upset or angry for no particular reason.

They lose their ability to control their emotions, unable to concentrate and their emotional responses are blunted or unusual. A provocative quality is usually most evident in youth, though it is often carried over into adulthood, in more subtle, controlled ways.

Feeling of resentment can distort human relationships. Their speech or behavior may be disorganized that they may be incomprehensible, become stubborn or agitated. They create problems with deeply motivated by their beliefs, which may be extremely troubling to family members and friends.

A person who hates to live in disorder is not necessarily a person who enjoys keeping things in order.

They yearn for emotional intimacy. They surround themselves with people and actions. They might get a little crowded, dreadfully noisy. They move about constantly always occupied. These people cannot survive independently; they commonly develop a fear of being left alone.

Especially some women and exceptionally some men have a deep need for emotional connectedness and intimacy. Emotional entanglements can bring troubles. Frequently, they exaggerate problems and over analyze sentimental issues.

They are emotionally dependent; rely on family and friends, look to others to take responsibility for their happiness and well being. They consider being superior, expecting love and demanding attention in some degree. Concern doesn’t mean attention. Too much togetherness can spoil the beauty of love.

Extensively possessive reveals ones own sense of insecurity. Over-possessiveness can begin others simply lose interest, is something irritating and end up as a major issue. The quickest way to lose people is exclusively over-possessiveness.

They tend to dominate and control anyone that lets them, or anyone that they find weak. They cannot conceive of anything over which they do not rule. It is not an easy thing to let go anything or anyone from their grip and control. Holding on to something is born out of fear of losing it.

People, who have casual attitude toward human relationships, puzzle and cannot understand need to hang on things. Too much togetherness causes distraction to the mind.

They cultivate associations and friendships with the primary objective of utilizing them in someway or the other, for selfish interests. Often, they engage in emotional intensity, conversations are mostly related to intimate relationships, money and possessions others own.

They seek to hide from open and public conversations and activities of daily life. They are active behind the scenes, moves without being spotted. They often prefer solo interactions. Interactions and discussions privately are enjoyable. Discussions are likely to have helpful consequences.

They disguise smile or laughter as a mask, conjuring interesting ideas and putting them in practice before others have realized what’s going on. They are capable of handling themselves so cleverly, and gladly speaking about others.

Psychologist Lipard says, “People who interrogate, through thorough, searching and embarrassing questions frequently tell lies". Truth is not found in them.

Some have difficulty coping with reckless action and abandon, even in the name of affection. People with carelessness cause to lose valuable things like money, poise, patience and people you love.

To these people, others silence and detachment can cause them to feel rudely neglected and ignored imagined rejection. If you have no interest to get involved in intangible things and emotional tangles, they accuse. Lack of interest and curiosity however is not synonymous with lack of caring. They interpret it as something wrong with your mind and imagine negatively about unspoken things.

Fretting cares make Grey hairs.

What is stressful to one person may not be stressful to another. They gladly tell you wasting time on things in the past that can’t change anything. Yet, they helplessly cling on their old memories. Yesterday is always very near to them.

Open space in your life for new things and people to enter, you will then go on to find the happiness and peace you deserve. Gladly give your heart.

They characteristically, maintain a high level of physical and emotional strength outwardly pretends to be overlooking. He/She is so gifted with the subtle talent of appearing to give in, without actually giving an inch. When he/she is secretive about something, he/she will drive you away.

There is a tendency to discard family members, friends and people, once they cease to be useful. If someone falls short of the requirements, slips below the standards they set, he/she is capable of totally ignoring those for whom he/she feels contempt as though they didn’t exist and ease them out ever so gently. So after a while the unwanted person fades away to where people can see him/her and nor hear him/her.

Later, if they feel that the assistance of the unwanted person is necessary, the bridge will be rebuilt and used to the utmost. Smart strategies don’t destroy bridges, pretentious to be smart.

These people do not tremble to gratitude, when somebody gives moral support or a helping hand. They feel it is a favor done by recognizing their superiority or to repay past debts. He/She quotes audibly with much pride and exaggerated dignity.

Gratitude is a cultivated trait. Irrespective of age, have gratitude towards everyone and for everything. Gratitude keeps the mind healthy and happy. Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.

People who think they are smarter than everyone else, embarrass others constantly. They have a tendency to laugh at others physical appearance, clothing, speech or behavior in public. They take all fun out of everything. They tease and criticize everyone they come across, but to accept even the slightest criticism or finding fault, disagree with something he/she does or says is to guarantee trouble.

They react too quickly, without due consideration and forethought, which makes them lose sense of judgment.

The world resents especially a woman, who after so much of tolerance to constant embarrassment, talks back in the face of anyone.

By restricting our speech and actions in the name of politeness even with in the family and friends, we somewhat restrict ourselves. It happens in the manners of love too. We are unable to love abundantly if we are not allowed to express displeasure abundantly.

Remember the old teaching about throwing stones. Never be the first to throw one unless you are absolutely blameless. In other words, don’t criticise others when you are equally responsible. To speak ill about others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves.

They tend to have quick temper in private. There is no discrimination in showing anger. They are usually inclined to make a major issue out of minor slight, blowing small matters up out of all proportion. He/She creates a storyline and spreads it cleverly out of context, so they sounded much worse than they actually were.

Speaking truth with bad intentions is worse than every falsehood. – William Blake

Some people are in the habit of picking holes. There is discretion and a subtle temptation to mislead others in someway. They are too wise in the ways of the human heart to use methods that could only alienate affection. They use others name to keep themselves comfortable and sneaky to slip out of the trouble. Exaggeration creates knotty problems.

One who distorts truth for some personal interest, have a natural tendency to over-dramatize situations. He/She will extempore any incident, deeply poetic say it with colorful flowers. He/She has a way of twisting truisms around, or reversing them to accent the negative and eliminate the positive, to give the bad impression. Distortions and untruth become a weapon to resist any opposition.

A group of people join together can reverse both Truth and False.

We all make mistakes. Everyone have shortcomings, troubles and do mistakes. They always tries to find excitement, where others pain or weaknesses lie. They could be well placed from others errors and mistakes. Yet they evade their deficits very well.

Nobody becomes wise, acquires wisdom, pasteurizing dirty situations and issues.

Problems become overbearing and emotional; you have to face the most uncompromising circumstances. When the burden becomes too heavy, it is better to simply drop the problem and walk away from it than to struggle fighting fate which is inevitable.

You should be less inclined to worry about others behavior; initially you may be puzzle and perplexed. And after some experiences you can make sensible decisions and wise steps.

Retreat is the expedient strategy. Winning a quarrel can’t settle everything. There can be full of errors and misleading insinuations. More expansive is good rather than exaggeration.

Unfair reputation is the period of weighing and balancing, finally to make up your mind.

For taking the time to fuss over the small details which enhance the quality of life in so many practical ways for personal improvement.

To make mistakes is human, but to profit by them is divine. - Elbert Hubbord

Sometimes a mistake can be very helpful. Bad experiences and disappointments makes one detached leading one to become impersonal in most relationships.

Memories may be painful, they keep you eternally disillusioned, not to mention pessimistic about human nature.

If a situation becomes uncomfortable and intolerable, with a good observation and quick perception shoulder the blame on yourselves and come out. It is a sensible decision, than suspecting or blaming others. Tolerance will take a great deal before your limit is reached.

One can lose anything in the life, but never lose faithfulness till the end. Unfaithfulness is not pleasant to anyone. Unfaithfulness inevitably brings only the sharp and tangled emotions, never joy. If you catch others being unfaithful in someway, arousing the suspicion and suspecting is waste, turn silent.

Turn your back on ugliness, once you have decided there is no way it can be beautified. Once it is decided a subject is not worth discussion, it is closed.

No ill will towards anybody makes you to move forward so optimistically and positively.

Faith and prayers to God strengthens your mind, to make good decisions. Practice an hour or a day of silence in a week, increases the essence of consciousness. – Mahatma Gandhi

Twisting truth and falsehood fools almost everyone but not who knows the real truth. Beware of everything that is untrue; stick to truth. Your faith and reason, thought and action should go hand in hand.

The eyes are the windows of the soul. One person’s fault in the eyes of others is a way of viewing it, as is a virtue.

Patience gives faith. Don’t rush into things. There is nothing to gain from becoming impatience or being constantly in a rush. Time will eventually provide all answers, concerning intriguing things. Truth will unfold after many delays and troubles.

Speak the truth earnestly, do not speak the truth anything that create unpleasantness, do not speak untruth even it is pleasing to others. Speak the truth for the benefit of others. - Bhagavad-Gita

Truth is relative. Truth is great and mighty above all things. Truth is something that does not hurt another. Truthful speech involves a lot of silence and speaking only what is absolutely necessary to be spoken at that moment.

Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence. - Amlen

Truth is simple and divine. Truth is eternal. Simple truth cleanses the mind. Telling the truth saves a great deal of trouble. ‘An ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of cure.’ A vision of no darkness can obscure.

Prevention is better than cure. Public awareness will be high with more people opting for prevention care.

Healing lies in words; bring some relief with kind truth. Learn to give life and save at least one person, with a simple word, TRUTH. Truth brings peace. Peace is better and it begins with LOVE.

Expansion is life; Contraction is death. Silent disapproval disturbs the spirit even more than spoken disapproval. To bruise anything in life is an easy process, and to rebuild it is a life time process. Sometimes it becomes impossible. Before that settlement comes, life is over.

There is nothing to prevent us from profiting by the light that may come from the west; only we must take care that we are not overpowered by the glamor of the west. We must not mistake the glamor for true light.

We measure the growth in standards, not by moral growth. Wealth has become the standard of life, rather than truth, kindness, generous thought, love, sensitivity, and sharing the experiences of life freely and fully. Lay strength and attainment of inner purity in the richness of personality, not in the multitudes of possessions. – Mahatma Gandhi

People who are socially engaged can easily brush off stress. There are men who are happy without knowing it. No one is fully clothed unless he wears a pleasant smile. Happy endings are so beautiful.

Humour is Nature’s great balance r. Humor is one of the greatest qualities a human being can posses. Humor can help people to become lovable, more flexible. Humor isn’t restricted to any one facet of life. It is broad.

Humor is the strongest weapon against adversity. Good humor springs from the heart, not the mind. Those with a good sense of humor have a good sense of life.

Humor has both sides. Humor bestows a sane perspective to life, removes destructive influences of self-pity and egocentricity; when you laugh; you are surrounded with warm, happy people. You can find an escape from seriousness in the rich and refreshing humor.

A joke attracts a crowd. And when you laugh at yourself, everyone adores you because you’re made yourself as human and fallible, as they know they are themselves, allowing them to feel, for a brief moment, not so aware of their own vulnerability. Perhaps the lack of easy spontaneous, humor attracts a crowd. Humor keeps you light in distraction. Laughter keeps you light and funny with a dry sense of humor.

Humor heals. It is a bridge which spans any kind of misunderstanding. But humor has two sides. The swiftest way to destroy an enemy is not through verbal abuse or bitterness, but through subtle ridicule.

Many people do appreciate humor, but normally when it can be seen or projected in an impersonal way. They will chuckle sincerely at funnies only when in the company of good and trusted friends.

Especially Indians, People co-existing with separate identities and still be able to belong. Everybody accepts their differences and live life in their own way harmoniously.

Do your own thing and get a life through openness and simplicity to survive. We can only do so really with our lives. Understand the universal truth; Unity between personal morality and public action. – Mahatma Gandhi